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Standard storage units

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Get the right size at the right price

We offer a wide range of storage units, everything from the size of a small walk-in closet to those capable of holding an RV. All units are accessible 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week through gated electronic secure entry.


5' x 10'

$55 /month

The size of a walk-in closet. Can hold furnishings from an efficiency apartment or a typical office suite. Can hold 100 file boxes.

10' x 10'

$85 /month

Can store contents of a 1-bedroom home or apartment including appliances. Could hold a home of approx. 1000 - 1200 sq ft.

10' x 15'

$100 /month

A 2-bedroom small home or apartment can fit here. Could hold a home of approx. 1500 sq ft.

10' x 20'

$125 /month

Can hold items from a 2-bedroom home. A car or truck.

10' x 25'

$135 /month

Can hold a 2 or 3 bedrooms home. Could hold a home of approx. 2000 sq ft.

10' x 30'

$150 /month

Can hold items from a 3-bedroom house. Could hold a home of approx. 2500 sq ft. Will hold contents of a 40 foot moving van.

10' x 30'

2 Doors

$165 /month

Convenient two door entry (front and rear). Easy access to all of your stored items.

12' x 40'

$200 /month

Our largest unit will accommodate a large boat and trailer or most RVs. Can also hold contents from a 4 or 5 bedrooms home. Could hold furnishings of a home of approx 4000 sq ft.