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Interior storage units

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Superior dust protection

These storage units are inside a well insulated building and provide excellent protection for your dust sensitive items. They also offer another layer of security with coded access doors in order to gain entry to the units. This is in addition to our gated electronic entry for secured entry and exit to the property that monitors and logs all activity 24/7.


5' x 10'

$55 /month

The size of a walk-in closet. Can hold furnishings from an efficiency apartment or a typical office suite. Can hold 100 file boxes.

  • $25 deposit

10' x 15'

$100 /month

A 2-bedroom small home or apartment can fit here. Could hold a home of approx. 1500 sq ft.

  • $50 deposit

10' x 20'

$125 /month

Can hold items from a 2-bedroom home.

  • $65 deposit